How to take a screenshot on Windows PC or Laptop?

Then you can paste the screenshot into Paint, Word or any other apps. Screenshots taken using Windows+Shift+S are copied to the Windows clipboard. You need to paste the screenshots to an image editing app like paint before you can use them. On the upper right hand side of Snip & Sketch, there are some more options for you to use.

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  • Windows has had screen-printing capabilities since the first PCs in the 1980s (their text-based option differed from today’s raster screenshots).
  • You can use the application to adjust the design and sound and turn on and off audio tracks and subtitles.

We’d recommend that users should know how to screenshot on Windows 10 using the keyboard shortcuts, as it is very convenient and it leverages built-in functionality in Windows. For those who prefer to use tools to get things done, there is also the option to use the snipping tool or third-party software that excels at taking screenshots in Windows. Now, pressing the Print Screen key will take a screenshot of the entire screen, and the image file will be saved to the Windows clipboard. You can then paste it in Paint, Paint 3D, or any other image editor of your choice before you can save it.

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Who are the development managers over there, these aren’t rocket science features. Search for Snipping Tool in the Start Menu search box to launch the app. For more information, here is a simplified list of free OCR solutions and this one for paid OCR options . Thought your edits were stuck on your image forever like with Microsoft Paint?

The latter is a more refined version of the Snipping Tool and comes with a feature-rich image editor. Moreover, the Snipping Tool offers four different screenshot modes, including Free-form, Rectangular, Window, and Full-screen. What’s more, you also get a “Delay” option that allows you to set a screenshot timer or countdown.

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There are a few different ways that you can use the Print Screen button to take a screenshot. Windows’ Snipping Tool is a handy way to take screenshots in Windows 10. There are a couple of different ways that you can capture a screenshot using the Snipping Tool.


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